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George Walker was born in Charlottesville,Va. and was the middle child of 3.  George grew up in Keswick which is a suburb of Charlottesville, Va. George graduated in 1987! from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville Va. and entered the US Navy the same year. George deployed to Iraq in 2001. George Retired from the Navy in 2007 after 20 years and started working for Defense Logistics Agency that same year.  George has 3 adult children and a 15 year old son. George started playing golf in 2005 and continues to love and play weekly to this day

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Saturday Champions  - September 15, 2018 Brickshire GC


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Tony Diaz                                                 

Player of the Month July 2018

It has always been said that the cream always rises to the top! Well in the month of July the E-D Tour has a two time winner for player of the month. On behalf of the E-D Tour Board of Directors and its Members, I would like to congratulate E-D Tour member Tony Diaz with sizzling performances during the month of July. Tony won twice during the month of July capping off a very busy month for the E-D Tour.  Tony’s victories included the following: First place at Sleepy Hole, and a Major win at Viniterra which made Tony Player of the Month for the second time this year.

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